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Market Research


Today we used our ICT skills to create a questionnaire for your Jurassic Park Enterprise Project. We thought about how to ask open and closed questions and where they were best used. We used our ICT skills to create different tables and tick boxes to gather the information in the clearest ways. We had to […]

Classroom in the Woods


Today we spent the day at The Classroom in the Woods imagining what life was like for Shackleton and his men when they became stranded in the ice, in Antarctica. Unfortunately, some of the crew were injured so we had to use a variety of skills to carry them using stretchers. But first we had […]

Heart Dissection


We have started to think about science and how to keep our bodies healthy. We thought about the heart and how it functions. To understand this a little better, we looked at real hearts (pig hearts) and dissected them to see if we could identify the different parts and how they are linked. It really […]

Shackleton maths investigation


Today we revised and applied our knowledge of area to design the sleeping and storage deck on board Endurance. We had to make links with our previous learning, collaborate to find an effective design and reason to justify our ideas.

World Book Day


Today we celebrated World Book Day. We discussed favourite books and dressed up as our favourite characters. We even spent time with Foundation (Mars) reading the, stories and talking about them together. We also listened to the younger children and helped them with their reading, giving them tips on how to sound out words they […]

Visit to The Deep


Our first week back after the half term has been a busy one in Neptune Class. Today we went on a trip to The Deep to learn about how animals survive and are adapted to different habitats. We looked at all of the creatures that live at The Deep before focussing on one particular animal […]

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