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Evacuees: In their shoes


In English, we are writing diary entries about being evacuated during WW2. To help us prepare for this, we are ‘putting on different hats’ to help us try and see things from the perspective of an evacuee. We are creating thought showers to record our ideas, ready for our diary writing. We are having to work collaboratively and are building our Learning Powers including: imaging to imaging what life was like for others during this time; revising information we have already learnt; making links to the facts we know about WW2 ¬†and how this links to children during the war.

Creating texture


In our art lesson today, we were trying to create texture using scrumpled newspaper and PVA. This is in preparation for our poppy sculptures. We enjoyed getting messy but it wasn’t as easy as we first thought it would be.

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English: Active and Passive


We have been learning about active and passive sentences and how they change the focus of our sentence. We had a go at writing sentences based on the subject of WW2 switching between the active and the passive voice.

We created some posters to help us remember the difference between them.