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Fifa football Poppy debate


In the news recently there has been controversy surrounding whether or not Fifa would allow players to wear the poppy during their football match on Armistice Day. Check out the article from Newsround here We discussed this within groups before sharing our opinions and debating the issue as a whole class. We posed and answered questions […]

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Newsday Tuesday!


There have been many articles in the news this week that have caught my eye, but two in particular. I love animals, and one thing that upsets me is seeing animals facing extinction. The following article gave me hope that some of our most endangered species might have more hope of a future in our […]

Crime and Punishment debate


This week we have been learning about crime and punishment throughout history and how it compares with the justice system we have today. This afternoon we held a debate discussing the pros and cons of the Anglo Saxon crime and punishment system and how it compares to our own. We had to think deeply, putting […]