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Black out Poetry


Today we finished our World War 2 black out poetry. We are very proud of our learning. What do you think to some of our finished poems?  

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WW2 Black Out Poetry


Today we have been looking at some poetry written about the world wars. We then created our own poetry in the style of black out poetry. We identified key words from the text, joined them to others to create our own stanzas and blacked out the rest of the words from the original poems. These […]

Performance Poetry


Mike Smith worked with class 5 on monday morning performing his own poetry. Performance poetry is poetry that is specifically composed for performance before an audience. Mr Smith is returning on Wednesday morning to continue his work with the class.

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Crazy Car Park by Hollie


  Empty spaces dotted around Thin headlights gaze into the distance The ticket machine splutters out  ticket to let cars past   Parking tickets shuffle by, Trailing their feet The barrier clonks A motorbike grunts Traffic wardens prowl the car park, ready to dissapoint The car parks car black tonge trails across the open air night

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